At first you need to execute the jar file that is in the folder of our game and ensure that all the folders that are required by the game are on the folder of the jar file (Music, images, etc.). Whenever you start a new game or load one, there are some certain elements that persist throughout the entire game:


Game Elements

Lives: The three hearts on your left are your character's remaining hits, if you get to 4 or more lives by collecting them with power-ups your lives display will turn golden.

Character: This is the character you are controlling, it varies form level to level.

Obstacle: The are two types of obstacles, high and low:

  • Low Obstacle: Usually with around the same height as the character these obstacles must be avoided by jumping so you won't crash with them and lose a life by doing so.
  • High Obstacle: This type of obstacle hovers in midair, requiring you to duck in order to avoid crashing with them and lose a life by doing so

Checkpoint: Whenever you pass underneath one of these your position will be recorded, if you happen to run out of lives you can retry the level form start or that position, if you choose the latter your score will be reset and you will gain less points (although the level will be shorter and thus 'easier').

Score: This reflects your actual score, each step you take grants you some points depending on the multiplier, the points that are added to your score on each step are calculated by simply adding the multplier to the total score, so the action perfomed is something around this fashion:


Your multiplier goes all the way form 1 to 4, when you avoid crashing with an obstacle your multiplier is increased by one giving you more points for each step you take. If you do crash with an obstacle your multipler will be reset to 1.


The game is all about avoiding obstacles, the controls are pretty simple:

  • Jump: In order to avoid low obstacles you must jump: Space bar
  • Duck: In order to avoid high obstacles you must duck: Down on the directional keys
  • Pause Menu: In order to pause the game and display the pause menu to return to the main screen or retry the level: P key or Escape key.