When runing around throughout the levels you'll notice there are several items that give you powers when you pass through them, in R4YB! there are 4 power-ups, each with different powers and characterisitics:

  • Extra Life

This power up gives you a life when you pass through it, whenever you have more than 3 lives you'll notice your hearts turning gold

  • Hermes Boots

This pair of boots bestowed with the power of the gods will make you soar throughout the level, be careful, whilst this item will give you a boost of speed you will not slow down after picking it, also if you pick up another pair of boots the effect stacks up, making a slow walk a hellish run.

  • Poison Mushroom

Vile and evil, this mushroom holds nothing but venom and darkness on the inside, even the Star can't do nothing about its effects, avoid it at all costs!

  • Invincibility Star

This power up will give you invincibility for a limited amount of time, allowing you to realx and stop worrying about everything, except the poison mushroom, never forget about it!