This story has been told from videogame master to videogame master…


One day, Daniel decided to do the impossible… to pass various “Retro games”, in just one day. There are many gamers that have accomplished said mission and joined the list of the “Top 10 greatest gamers” in the whole world, by using their abilities and their own game controllers. The only problem was that Daniel was using emulators and that made him… a PIRATE.

So, Daniel entered to the wide world of the internet to buy a console with the necessary games to become the champion, the problem… Daniel didn´t had enough money. But from nowhere, a big deal appeared that gave Daniel a one-time opportunity to make his dream true. And so, Daniel bought the multigame package… NIENTIENDO.

Days later...


Daniel obtained his order and without further delay, he connected the system to his TV and started to play… but for his bad luck… he decided to play on a stormy day. Then… the expected happened, a powerful lightning stroke the house and the light went off for a moment.


… Daniel WASN'T teleported inside of the console (like everyone would expect), but worse. Now, his body is paralyzed in the real-life while his brain is directly connected to the controller and to the console. There are some good news and a bad news: the good news is that Daniel can return to the real world, if he masters the abilities of each one of the heroes in their own games and complete all the levels. The bad news, the last button that he was pressing and he still is pressing… was the forward button. Which means that there won´t be any chance to stop anywhere.


A great challenge shows up in this day, and depends of Daniel to complete the games with success and save is life… or to transform in a living statue of the city… literally!!!